About James Toler

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Financier, Coach, and Personal Growth Advocate

James Toler is a first-class real estate investor based in Houston who is changing the way people buy real estate, create cash flow, and trust their entrepreneurial drive to obtain true financial freedom and a richer, fuller life.

Over a four year period, he has put together an impressive record with flipping houses, building rentals, and lending capital to investors.

Through mentoring others with presentations, consultations, and seminars, James shares his Investment Philosophy with anyone interested in seeking financial freedom.

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James' Story

After an early career in a family business, James’ desire to gain control over his own financial destiny and create true financial freedom for himself and his family lead him to learn about real estate investing. The knowledge he gained turned his life around and led him to develop investment strategies that helped shape his future.

Today, he is known for flipping 10 plus properties at a time while lending out multi millions of capital to other investors. His main focus is to continually learn and grow in order to add as much value as possible to the marketplace. He believes we can have anything we want as long as we help enough other people get what they want.

James Toler

Founder & CEO

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Susan Heflin

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Morgan Davis

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